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What is Leadercast 2020: Positive Disruption?

Disturbance. Disorder. Disarrangement. Many people think these are negatives in the workplace, Leadercast will show why disruption is the best way to make positive, lasting changes in your leadership, organization and beyond. 

Leadercast is the largest one-day leadership training event in the world. This summer the Kingston Chamber of Commerce is bringing Leadercast to Kingston through a series of virtual events.

Leadercast is a tremendous leadership training opportunity for yourself, your employees or your clients. The theme for 2020 Leadercast is Positive Disruption and given the current climate, there is no better time than now to start being a positive disruptor. 

How does Leadercast 2020: Positive Disruption work? 

The Leadercast: Positive Disruption Series is a series of videos followed by a scheduled Zoom post- event discussion led by St. Lawrence College’s Dr. John Conrad. The series runs bi-weekly, July 10th to September 29th which we've called Leaderchats.  

Register for this series and ahead of each episode date we will send you a video to watch and a link to the post event discussion Leaderchats with St. Lawrence College’s Dr. John Conrad. It’s about sharing your experience. Your thoughts. Your feedback.

There are so many ways to tap into the leadership knowledge of this group and our local community.  Sign up for the entire series or bundled package.


"The Leadercast series is a dynamic world-class training opportunity for you, your employees, and clients. This year’s theme is Positive Disruption, perfect for our current climate. St. Lawrence College’s Director, Innovation and Business Engagement Dr. John Conrad will lead a post event discussion “Leaderchat” following each broadcast.  It’s accessible.  It’s affordable.  It’s for every leader at every level."

Karen Cross, CEO, Greater Kingston Chamber of Commerce.

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